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Bitter Sweet Charms of Long Distance Relationship

"Oceans apart, day after day and slowly go insane I hear your voice on the line, but does not stop the pain"

Those lonely nights spent hugging a pillow breathless cold can make you desperate for a touch still make you strong enough to control! Communications along the phone may seem less tweaking, but connect the soul, like kisses connects two lips, in an eternal love and more emotional realm! Those soft lips may remain un-kissed, but there is a glow in the heart that is warmer and cozier than any kiss then any lips. A distance love could be very difficult to survive, but not impossible, when in fact it has never let go of what you have always dreamed of!

Distance relationships in case of success are much stronger and deeper than normal relations, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, there should be no specific future plans together to resolve in the near future, but until you are away, there can be a lot of emotional roller coaster for both of you to build a successful relationship. Read on for the bittersweet charm of long distance relationship before making any commitment!


A long distance relationship can sometimes feel unreal, but it creates the connection between two individuals is ultra deeper and stronger. In real life you can only participate in some activities such as going to the movies, dinner and eat, cuddling on the couch and do fun activities together. However, in a long distance relationship can not do nothing but talk, which actually reveals a lot more about you the other person, which lets you connect to a so emotional, intellectual, spiritual and more satisfying! But be sure to do monthly visits physical connection.
A normal relationship can never give Retrouvailles (The extreme happiness to meet someone, after a long period of time) and the monthly or weekly meetings feel like a short honeymoon, where you have to say / do many things in a short time. Things get and share at this time is literally no comparison, and to join in a non-normal relationship would never do! As a result, you learn to appreciate those precious moments spent together and not take anything for granted.
Often enough in a relationship, people forget their individuality and individual growth, which can be very destructive to them and the relationship. But in a long distance relationship, you can mix the perfect amount of time to communicate and time alone, which makes you grow individually and as partners.
Long distance relationships need a solid base of confidence to go forward. Trust no arguments take time to build, but when building provides a solid platform to grow your strong relationship normal.
The moments of "emotional satisfaction" are more of a long distance relationship, two filled with happiness, confidence and total satisfaction is maintained, even when you are away.
Other factors such as anticipation, mystery, not plugged plays a very important role in maintaining truly alive in distance relationships passion.


No happiness will make you hot enough to make up for the loneliness you feel cold every night. One thing that outshines the happiness of long distance relationship is the lack of physical intimacy. Yes No hugging, no kissing, no holding hands, no cuddling in bed every day! You can really survive?
A long distance relationship needs a lot more to fight to keep him alive, and who does not live with another person; you have to be emotionally sensitive to trust and understand the situation of others and make it work. You have to be really careful enough to be there with your partner and support when needed.
Misunderstandings and conflicts are much more likely to occur over a long distance relationship. And when they happen, the situation becomes a great challenge and depressing for both partners. Imagine days, weeks or even months of serious communication breakdown. What you should do when you can not even go for a talk face to face! Frustrating! Is not it?

Despite all bitterness, if you really think you've found someone you really love, who unfortunately lives far from you. No step back because of the distance; instead make the most of the distance to connect in a more profound and meaningful! Good long distance relationship!

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